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8:00am to 5:00pm (Mon-Sat)

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What an amazing experience being coached by Kimber! Kimber is such an amazing, graceful, kind soul. Her gentle guidance allowed me to dig deep and realize the changes I need to make in my life to achieve more balance and happiness! Thank you Kimber for that unforgettable experience.

Tammy B. - Violet, Louisiana

I felt safe, seen, and heard by Kimber as she patiently and lovingly helped me explore myself in our session together. I now have greater clarity and peace in my life because of Kimber’s help and kindness. I look forward to working with Kimber again in the future. Thank you, Kimber.

Margery - Denver, Colorado

Kimber has such a kind soul which serves her clients in being able to easily open up to her and venture in self-discovery while being heard and supported.

Zoe M. - Lakewood, Colorado

Kimber has been very easy to talk to openly. She is non-judgmental, genuinely caring, and sincere. I have enjoyed my time with her and will be keeping in touch with her.

Jodi K. - Newville, Pennsylvania

Kimber was a gentle yet stoic coach. She helped me through a difficult heratbreak that also spread into my work. She was precise, clear, and action-oriented. I highly recommend Kimber.

Mary A. - Chicago, Illinois

Dear Kimber,

I wanted to let you know how profound your closing container was for me. It led me to communicate directly to Sierra in a very powerful way. When you talk it’s mesmerizing due to your soft and beautiful, open energy. Thank you.

Natacha S. - Old Greenwich, Connecticut

You are a phenom, and I hope you dial down on something else in your full life so you can dial up as you build your EGCM practice. Your intuition and energy intelligence are sky high. I love your knowledge and tenacity so much. I will be following you! So glad we finally met.

Lizette L. - Houston, Texas

Kimber facilitated a beautiful session that was heartfelt, meaningful, and fulfilling. She truly saw me and heard me with such warmth, empathy, and loving support. I am truly grateful for the gifts and lessons that I gained from our time together.

Katrina D.