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What an amazing experience being coached by Kimber! Kimber is such an amazing, graceful, kind soul. Her gentle guidance allowed me to dig deep and realize the changes I need to make in my life to achieve more balance and happiness! Thank you Kimber for that unforgettable experience.

Tammy B. - Violet, Louisiana

I felt safe, seen, and heard by Kimber as she patiently and lovingly helped me explore myself in our session together. I now have greater clarity and peace in my life because of Kimber’s help and kindness. I look forward to working with Kimber again in the future. Thank you, Kimber.

Margery - Denver, Colorado

Kimber has such a kind soul which serves her clients in being able to easily open up to her and venture in self-discovery while being heard and supported.

Zoe M. - Lakewood, Colorado

Kimber has been very easy to talk to openly. She is non-judgmental, genuinely caring, and sincere. I have enjoyed my time with her and will be keeping in touch with her.

Jodi K. - Newville, Pennsylvania

Kimber was a gentle yet stoic coach. She helped me through a difficult heratbreak that also spread into my work. She was precise, clear, and action-oriented. I highly recommend Kimber.

Mary A. - Chicago, Illinois

Dear Kimber,

I wanted to let you know how profound your closing container was for me. It led me to communicate directly to Sierra in a very powerful way. When you talk it’s mesmerizing due to your soft and beautiful, open energy. Thank you.

Natacha S. - Old Greenwich, Connecticut

You are a phenom, and I hope you dial down on something else in your full life so you can dial up as you build your EGCM practice. Your intuition and energy intelligence are sky high. I love your knowledge and tenacity so much. I will be following you! So glad we finally met.

Lizette L. - Houston, Texas

Kimber facilitated a beautiful session that was heartfelt, meaningful, and fulfilling. She truly saw me and heard me with such warmth, empathy, and loving support. I am truly grateful for the gifts and lessons that I gained from our time together.

Katrina D.

Kimber is a sage coach. She creates an environment of trust and safety for her clients. Her ability to hold space with a confident presence of calm and reassurance allows her clients to find clarity and peace within themselves.

Carolyne - Charlevoix, MI

Kimber has a fantastic energy and a quirky, upbeat attitude, without being “in your face.” Kimber is a kind and empathetic coach, and allows her client time to process and come to their own truth. Kimber is a beautiful soul with warmth and kindness, and is not afraid to step up and walk the walk with her client. Thank you, Kimber! 

Michelle D. - Ireland

Kimber is a beautiful soul. Full of love, compassion, and empathy for others. Kimber is an amazing coach that will touch many lives in her future as an equine gestaltist. I appreciate Kimber holding space for me during my metaphor piece. I wish Kimber the best in her next chapter in life!! 

Ashley L. - Parker, CO

Kimber is such an incredible coach! She is so warm, kind, and wise. As her client she helped me work through residual trauma with my daughters abuse from a caregiver and childhood resentment issues. I feel seen, heard, and very supported within our work together.

Shannon S. - Edmonton, AB CAN

Kimber holds space so beautifully. She seems to have the perfect thing to say for whatever comes up, is so wonderfully supportive, and is an incredible cheerleader. She very naturally was able to guide me to my own answers and solutions, whatever came up for me. It was such a beautiful gift to be able to work with Kimber for the time that we had together. There was a lot that I was moving through, and she held space for me so beautifully through it all, and gave the exact support that I really needed. She is such a light. I walked away from each session feeling empowered, confident, assured, and light.

Lyarra L. - Colorado